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Hello, I'm an Interior Stylist

I’m an Interior Stylist with over 20 years’ experience in the interiors world. Originally from South Africa, I graduated top of my class in Interior Design and worked in the field for a few years, until I followed my dream to travel abroad and settle in the UK. I then worked as a Window Dresser for various large retailers and department stores before pursuing my next career move of becoming an Interior Stylist. For the past 18 years, I have worked on numerous beautiful photoshoots, which have given me valuable, hands-on experience as a stylist. In the last 8 years I have also ventured into Event Styling and found this new avenue hugely creative and fulfilling.

I’m passionate about beautiful things, such as coloured glass, whether it’s old, new or artisan. I get excited about soft and tactile fabrics, such as velvets in rich colours or brushed cottons in ice-cream shades. I adore everything that has had a previous life: vintage furniture, china plates and silverware. I have a special love for colour, it inspires me and makes me happy. I’m not afraid to use colour in interiors and I find it exciting to see how it lifts a room or updates a design. Often, the colour I incorporate comes from flowers, which are dear to my heart and has become a passion that was introduced to me as a child by my mother. So it is no surprise then that my happy place is exploring nature with my daughter and young son. We can be found wondering the woods and meadows with our beloved dog, a Large Munsterlander, who is a much-loved part of my family.

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